Fire Ball

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A Fire Ball is a fully automatic fire extinguisher used to extinguish the fire instantly when thrown or rolled into the fire. In case of fire, it will put out the fire by bursting itself, thus protecting many lives and property. The fireball or fire extinguisher ball can place in those areas where flammable objects, circuit breaker boxes, and gas tanks are nearby. It (ball type fire extinguisher) has appreciated by several clients due to its salient features such as easy to use, self-activating, no inspection required, and compact and lightweight sizes.

Fire Balls are auto-fire protection balls that generally work in two different ways that are Active Usage and Passive Usage. When a fire starts suddenly, throw the fireball into the fire to extinguish it, which is called active use. In this case, the fireball is thrown into the base of the flame and starts activating within 3 to 10 seconds. For this, mechanical operations, training sessions, and special skills do not require. In the case of passive use, the fireball for firefighting is generally placed on top of fire risk areas so that the ball will able to put out the fire on an 8-10 square meters if a fire happens. In this case, the fireball automatically organizes itself within 3-10 seconds after contact with the flame to put out the fire.

The VariEx Fire Ball manufactures in such a way to save living beings and valuable properties when any fire occurs. VariEx is one of the reliable Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, and Wholesalers of Fire Extinguisher Ball and many other fire safety products in the industry. Established in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, VariEx is committed to meet the clients’ requirements by offering a quality range with cost-effective solutions or affordable prices.

Advantages of Fire Ball

               ·     The fastest way to stop any fire- throw the ball and it will activate itself in just 3 seconds and extinguish the fire.

               ·     Fire stopping auto-activation facility- throw the ball safely from your standing point to the fire.

               ·     Distance safe- toss the fireball from a distance and let the ball do the work and no need to move closer to fire.

               ·     Suitable for any fire such as Class A-B-C-E-F.

               ·    Human & Environmental friendly.

               ·    Designed to activate itself when in contact with a direct naked flame.

               ·    Requires no special training or skills to operate the firefighting ball.

               ·    It does not require any maintenance and inspection.

               ·    Easy to handle- the fireball can easily handle by women, children, and the elderly due to its lightweight, and weighing the capacity of more or less than 1.5 kg.

               ·    Low to no corrosion on electrical equipment

Application Areas of Fire Ball

               ·    Industrial Sector

               ·    Transportation Sector

               ·    Personal and Work Spaces

               ·    Electric Powered Industry, etc.