Carbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguishers

CO₂ Fire Extinguisher - 4.5Kg CO₂ Fire Extinguisher - 4.5Kg

CO₂ Fire Extinguisher - 4.5Kg

₹5,150.00 ₹8,820.00
You Save: ₹3,670.00
CO₂ Fire Extinguisher - 2Kg CO₂ Fire Extinguisher - 2Kg

CO₂ Fire Extinguisher - 2Kg

₹4,410.00 ₹7,488.00
You Save: ₹3,078.00
CO₂ Fire Extinguisher - 3Kg CO₂ Fire Extinguisher - 3Kg

CO₂ Fire Extinguisher - 3Kg

₹4,600.00 ₹7,500.00
You Save: ₹2,900.00
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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguisher Details

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher is another category of fire extinguisher that can extinguish the fire by taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle and also removes the heat with a very cold discharge. Carbon dioxide extinguisher is also known as CO2 extinguisher, used on Class B (electrical equipment fire) & C fires (flammable liquids, such as paint, oil, solvent, and petroleum products). CO2 type fire extinguisher contains pure carbon dioxide, which is capable of leaving no residue. This type of fire extinguisher is mainly used for electrical fire risks, and therefore, provided in computer server rooms. However, such type of fire extinguisher is usually ineffective on Class A & F fires.

VariEx is an exclusive manufacturer and supplier of Carbon Dioxide type extinguishers, perfect to use for Class B, and C fire risks. The VariEX® CO2 type extinguisher is available in a wide range of fire extinguishers with different versions such as 2kgs, 3kgs, and 4.5kgs. The CO2 fire extinguisher with cylinder shape on the VariEx brand is manufactured using qualitative materials. This type of extinguisher is inspected stringently by quality inspectors and as per the International Safety & Quality Standard. This quality inspection process is capable of ensuring your protection to prevent any fire hazard and at the same time, provides a flawless range to the clients. And as far as the CO2 extinguisher price or cost is concerned, VariEx comes with the varied sizes of inexpensive carbon dioxide extinguishers across India. For this reason, anyone can buy carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher (CO2) from VariEx as per their budget suits.

Specifications to Identify a CO2 Fire Extinguisher

              ·    ‘Black colored label’ confirms CO2 type

              ·     The nozzle of the extinguisher ends in a distinctive ‘black-colored horn’

              ·     CO2 extinguisher can be identified by an extinguisher ‘ID sign fixed nearby’

       Application Areas or Uses of Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher is ideal for the areas with live electrical fire risks, such as Offices, Shops, Schools, Hospitals, and many such places. The CO2 fire extinguisher mostly uses in several offices where a lot of electrical offices equipment installed. It is recommended to use CO2 fire extinguishers (more than one) for this kind of internal environment, as this covers the vast majority of fire risks likely to be found.

How does CO2 Fire Extinguisher works?

The CO2 type fire extinguisher contains carbon dioxide in liquid form, and when the extinguisher lets off, the liquid is released into the air defusing like oxygen that the fire feeds on and disables the fire's ability to spread. The CO2 fire extinguisher is an effective fire-fighting equipment to put out fires and prevents any fire tragedy. It’s possible because of the lack of oxygen and the ice-cold temperature of the CO2 when released from the extinguisher.

Advantages of Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

·     Helps in extinguishing live electrical equipment quickly and effectively

·     Helps in providing no collateral damage

·      Benefits in leaving no residue

·      Helps in smothering fire quickly in draught-free conditions

·      Facilitates with frost-resistant capacity

·      Aids in offering a very clean extinguishing agent as the CO2 type does not contain any solid material

·      Benefits to running for the longest service life at least for 10 years before an extended service period