Fire Exit

Photo-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Exit Signage Board (12x4 Inches)

Photo-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Exit Signage Board (12x4 Inches)

₹232.00   ₹720.00
You Save: ₹488.00
Photo-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Exit Signage Board - Right Arrow(12x4 Inches)

Photo-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Exit Signage Board - Right Arrow(12x4 Inches)

₹232.00   ₹720.00
You Save: ₹488.00
Photo-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Exit Signage Board - Left Arrow(12x4 Inches)

Photo-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Exit Signage Board - Left Arrow(12x4 Inches)

₹232.00   ₹720.00
You Save: ₹488.00
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Fire Exit Signage

A fire exit signage is a device located in any public facility such as a building, aircraft, etc. and represents the location of the nearby emergency exit in case of fire. Fire exit signage provides important information about the place or zone at the time of emergency fire exits. For this reason, the fire exit sign is readable and visible even in emergency conditions such as darkness or smoke.

There are mainly two types of fire exit signage available. One is illuminated fire exit signage that offers an effective way to ensure clear visibility of your fire escape signs. The second one is photoluminescent fire escape signs or fire safety symbols that offer a great solution to the problem of low-light areas and also in the event of power failure. Fire exit signage is available in various materials, styles, and finishes that help to satisfy both facility and fire safety legal requirements.

Now the question is, what sizes available in the market? The size of the fire exit sign (luminescent fire escape) is based on the maximum distance from where the sign can be viewed. For instance,

                  ·         Viewing distance up to 10 meters - 300mm x 100mm KD

                  ·         Viewing distance up to 15 meters - 450mm x 150mm NF

                  ·         Viewing distance up to 20 meters - 600mm x 200mm RG

                  ·         Viewing distance up to 40 meters - 1200mm x 400mm

However, for illuminated fire exit signs, the viewing distance will be doubled.

VariEx® is one of the noted manufacturers and suppliers of Fire Exit Signage, recommended to use at the time of fire emergency signs. The VariEX fire exit signs are available with a wide range of options. VariEx ensure that its range of fire exit signs are manufactured using quality materials and inspected precisely by quality inspection experts to provide a flawless range to the clients. And the price for fire exit signage on VariEx is available at an affordable price and hence, everyone can buy such type of signage (fire exit signs) from VariEx as per their suitable budget.

Where should Fire Exit Signage be placed on the escape route?

At first one should determine his escape route by finding the primary escape route, which is the shortest and the quickest route out of the building from any given location at a fire emergency. In addition to this, it is also important to arrange a secondary escape route, in the event of fire makes, the primary route gets blocked.

But determining the fire exit signage or fire safety sign board for your escape route may be confusing, though it can simplify with a few simple guidelines mentioned below:

              ·         Within your house office or any other building, a fire exit sign (fire exit logo) should always be visible.

              ·         Once former the first fire escape sign, the next fire exit sign along the route should be seen first

              ·         Further fire exit signage board should be installed at every change of direction (left, right, up, and down) along the escape route.

              ·         A fire exit sign must be final fire exit doors.

              ·         Make sure there are no contradictory exit signs installs along the route e.g., 2 arrow up signs back to back

       Advantages of Fire Exit Sign

               ·         It helps ensure everyone gets out of the building quickly and safely.

               ·         Trusted advanced fire protection system that provides all the commercial and residential customers with effective and appropriate fire protection systems

               ·         It provides a clear and easy way to leave the premises in the event of a dangerous situation like fire tragedy.

               ·         Illuminate fire signage aids you in times of chaos and helps in knowing where to go when visibility is difficult due to smoke fire.

               ·         No electricity required to operate the photoluminescent fire exit signage

Application Areas to install Fire Exit Sign

               ·         All the exits of different buildings

               ·         Main ways that constitute access to exits in open floor areas

               ·         Corridors used by the public and passages serving patients’ sleeping rooms

               ·         Hallways serving classrooms

               ·         Underground walkways

               ·         Floor areas where the public may gather together

               ·         Theatres and similar occupancies, where the house lights reflect dimmed during a performance

               ·         Schools, assembly halls, churches, restaurants, meeting rooms, and other such similar occupancies, which have an occupant load of 60 or more persons