Fire Extinguisher Signage

Photo-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Extinguisher Signage Board (12x4 Inches)

Photo-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Extinguisher Signage Board (12x4 Inches)

₹222.00   ₹484.00
You Save: ₹262.00
Auto-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Extinguisher Signage Board (8x8 Inches)

Auto-Luminescent (Glow in Dark) Fire Extinguisher Signage Board (8x8 Inches)

₹306.00 ₹612.00
You Save: ₹306.00
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Fire Extinguisher Signage

A fire extinguisher signage is a portable fire safety sign board installed to identify the location of fire extinguishers within a premises and shows the right way to the occupants to exit safely from the building, if any fire tragedy happens. The fire extinguisher signs also inform users about what types of fire extinguishers are suitable to use on and those that they shouldn't be used to tackle.

Fire extinguisher signs are the most necessary safety signs or firefighting equipment signs that should place in workplaces and public buildings. The fire extinguisher signs are made in such a way to help everyone locate fire extinguishers in a facility as soon as possible. These are available with glow-in-the-dark materials, bilingual text, projecting shape, and directional arrow fire safety symbols that help people to identify the extinguisher to exit at the time of fire mishaps.

Some of the fire safety procedures with the help of fire extinguisher signage are as follows:

            ·         Fire extinguisher signs and labels are best used in any environment to display the location of fire extinguishers

            ·         It is recommended to place fire extinguisher signage board at the location of the fire extinguishers so that anyone can know where they are and how to use them

            ·         For any business or company, it is also advisable to use fire extinguisher sign boards that help employees to identify fire extinguisher locations 

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Advantages of Fire Extinguisher Sign

             ·         Easy to install

             ·         Visible from the above

             ·         Directional or helps guide people to point toward the fire extinguisher location

             ·         Helps ensure occupants of building to get out of the building quickly and safely

             ·         Durable design with affordable price

Application Areas to install Fire Extinguisher Signage

             ·         Main exits of any building, be it a house, office, or shopping mall

             ·         Corridors used by the public and patients’ sleeping rooms

             ·         Lobbies portion of classrooms

             ·         Floor areas where the general public assemble

             ·         Places where house lights reflect dimmed during a performance like theaters

             ·         Schools, temples, churches, restaurants, meeting rooms, and other such similar possessions, which have an occupant load of more than 60 persons