Class-K Type Fire Extinguishers

Class -K Type Fire Extinguisher (WET CHEMICAL) - 4Kg Class -K Type Fire Extinguisher (WET CHEMICAL) - 4Kg

Class -K Type Fire Extinguisher (WET CHEMICAL) - 4Kg

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Class K Fire Extinguisher

The Class K type fire extinguisher is perfect on fires involving cooking substances such as cooking oil and grease (contains animal fats) and used especially in commercial cooking places such as restaurants. Class K fire extinguishers (wet chemical extinguisher) are operated using a fine wet mist consisting of an alkaline mixture, such as potassium acetate, potassium carbonate, or potassium citrate. Wet chemical fire extinguishers for the kitchen are further used to form a soapy foam to apply to the cooking oil or other substance, quenching the steam, vapors, and thus the fire's risk of re-ignition.

It is vigorous to have the proper firefighting equipment on hand like Class K type extinguisher/kitchen fire extinguisher type, especially for the hotels and restaurant businesses to suppress and defeat the fires that are most likely to occur in the kitchens of these locations. Class K type fire has certain similarities to Class B fires only because they both involve flammable liquids. But, Class K fires grow at a rapid pace when liquids and material such as cooking oils, cooking grease, animal fats, and vegetable fats serve as the fuel source. And, to extinguish the Class k type fires, the class k fire extinguisher comes into the picture.

The class k types or wet chemical fire extinguishers are specifically designed to combat restaurant kitchen fires. Furthermore, these types of extinguishers are also used to supplement existing automatic cooking equipment and kitchen suppression systems. The Wet Chemical Extinguisher or Class K Type Fire Extinguisher is manufactured in such a way to help in extinguishing a fire by removing heat and preventing barriers between oxygen, and fuel, hence a fire cannot be re-ignited.

VariEx is one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers in the fire safety equipment industry, and Class K type extinguisher is one of its products. The VariEX® class k type extinguisher or wet chemical extinguisher is available in different sizes such as 4kgs, and others. The type k fire extinguisher with cylinder shape on VariEx is manufactured using quality resources and inspected thoroughly by quality inspectors to provide a faultless assortment to the clients. The Class K Type fire extinguisher or wet chemical fire extinguisher price on VariEx is available at affordable cost, and for this reason, everyone can buy such extinguisher as per their budget permits.

Application Areas or Uses of Type K Fire Extinguisher

Class K fire extinguishers are used for following areas.

            ·       Restaurants’ kitchen

            ·       School cafeterias

            ·       Hospitals’ cooking places

            ·       Industrial kitchens

            ·       Convenience stores

Advantages of Class K Fire Extinguisher

           ·       Puts out small fires

           ·       Environment-friendly

           ·       Ability to control fires

           ·       Limits the amount of pollution caused by smoke and burning debris

           ·       Easy to maintain, refill and service

           ·       Uses high-quality wet chemical compound or agent

           ·       Large loop stainless pull pin and lever lock for better handling

What is Fire Extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher is a dynamic fire-protection device used to extinguish or control the small fires, in emergencies. It can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until the fire brigade arrives. However, a fire extinguisher is not appropriate for use on an out-of-control fire, which has reached the ceiling or put the people in a dangerous situation.

Fire extinguishers may look straightforward, but not all the fire extinguishers work for all types of fires. Therefore, it is important to understand the types of fire extinguishers, their usage and working condition while deciding what kind of extinguisher you need to protect your family, home, and business. Now a question arises, how to operate fire extinguisher in any emergency situation? Answer is simple. At first, you need to recognize the type of fire, then try attempting to put it out with an extinguisher.

VariEx Fire Extinguisher is manufactured in such a way to save your life and property, especially in a small fire tragedy. VariEx is reckoned as a trusted Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor, and Wholesaler of the fire-fighting equipment, based in Bangalore, India. It is committed to providing high-quality fire safety products, including Fire Extinguisher that consists of eight categories, which include ABC Powder Type, Carbon Dioxide Type, DCP Powder Type, Foam Type, Water Type, Modular Type, Class K Type, and Clean Agent Type. Buy fire extinguisher from VariEx at affordable price and also avail services like safety training as per your requirements only at affordable pricing.

ABC Powder Type

ABC powder type fire extinguisher is versatile and used on class A, class B, and class C fires. It is ideal for application in environments containing mixed fire risks. However, it is not recommended for use within small rooms, homes, and offices because there is a risk of inhalation when using powder extinguishers indoors. The ABC powder type fire extinguisher on VariEx is available in a range of sizes such as 1kg, 2kgs, 4kgs, 6kgs, and 9kgs.

Carbon Dioxide Type (CO2)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) type fire extinguisher is ideal for electrical fires. Though CO2 is not a conductor, hence, such type of fire extinguisher does not leave behind any harmful residue. The CO2 fire extinguisher was initially designed for use on flammable liquid fires and therefore used as a class B fire rating. This carbon dioxide fire extinguisher on VariEx offers in different capacities like 2kgs, 3kgs, and 4.5kgs.

DCP Type (Dry Chemical Powder)

DCP or Dry Chemical Powder type fire extinguisher is used utilizing a specially siliconized Sodium Bicarbonate. DCP type fire extinguisher is capable of extinguishing the fire by chemically insulating B, C Fires through making a cloud, and cutting off the oxygen supply. This particular category of fire extinguisher is available in both Stored Pressure as well as Cartridge Type design. The VariEx DCP type fire extinguisher is obtainable in 4kgs, 6kgs, and 9kgs of sizes.

Foam Type

Foam type fire extinguisher is used to extinguish the fire that happens due to flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, paints, solvents, and fats like grease and oils. Foam can put out the fire and quickly forms over water-insoluble hydrocarbon fuel surfaces causing rapid fire extinguishment and vapor suppression for even Class B fires. The VariEx offers a wide range of foam type fire extinguishers that are available in 9ltrs and 45ltrs capacities.

Water Type

Water Type fire extinguisher is available in both Stored Pressure and Cartridge Type design. It uses by utilizing the penetrating, soaking, and cooling effect of a 4-meter concentrated water stream for effective suppression of Class A fires. Moreover, the water type extinguisher is a perfect low-cost solution to provide Class A protection from all fires, involving freely burning material such as wood, paper, or fabric.

Modular Type

A modular type of fire extinguisher is designed in such a way to ensure automatic fire detection. In any situation where a fire breaks out in large storage areas, warehouses, or industries, modular type extinguisher can detect the presence of a fire, and counters them effectively. This kind of fire extinguisher is ceiling mounted with a broader outreach, and hence modular type fire extinguisher provides better protection.

Class K Type (Wet Chemical)

Class K type or wet chemical fire extinguisher is designed for use on kitchen fires involving flammable cooking materials, such as burning oil, and fat. It is available in the stored pressure design type for maximum efficiency and used to do rapid and targeted action in the case of kitchen fires. The class k type extinguisher is portable and easy to use, and therefore, in a critical situation, one can immediately use it to action. This category of fire extinguisher on VariEx is available in 2ltrs, 4ltrs, 6ltrs, and 9ltrs capacities.

Clean Agent Type

Clean Agent type of fire extinguisher is perfect for protecting our electronic equipment.  The agent used in extinguisher is clean, electrically nonconductive, environment-friendly, extremely low in toxicity, and exceptionally effective. This particular category of extinguisher leaves no residue and helps for the protection of facilities typically, the areas that contain sensitive equipment, which could be damaged or destroyed by water, foam, dry chemical, or carbon dioxide. VariEx offers Clean Agent type fire extinguisher in different capacities.