Foam Type Fire Extinguishers

Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Stored Pressure - 9Ltrs Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Stored Pressure - 9Ltrs

Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Stored Pressure - 9Ltrs

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Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Detail Information


Foam Type Extinguisher is one of the most common types of fire extinguishers used on Class A and B fires. The foam extinguisher removes a fire by allowing the foam to separate the oxygen from the fire. Its purpose is creating a cooling blanket effect on the fire, smothers burning materials, and prevents re-ignition. This category of fire extinguisher is suitable to extinguish the fires, which happens because of flammable liquid substances such as petrol or diesel.


The chemical foam extinguishers are versatile because they can also be used to put out the fire that occurs either due to solid materials such as wood and paper, or flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, and paint. These fire extinguishers are also useful for the fires involving electrical appliances and if that particular extinguisher has passed the 35kv conductivity test. However, the foam-type extinguisher is advisable not to use the fire involving cooking oil, grease, and also flammable gases like methane and butane.

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Foam Fire Extinguisher Use or Application Areas

The foam fire extinguishers are good and suitable for the majority of premises. Ideally, foam type fire extinguishers are best suited for the places where multiple fire risks can happen, such as Offices, Hotels, Warehouses, Factories, and Garages. It is recommended to use foam type fire extinguisher with the CO2 extinguisher, especially to put out the electrical fires. 

Important Points to Consider for the Identification of a Foam Fire Extinguisher

                    ·     ‘Cream colored label’ stating Foam Type extinguisher

                    ·     ‘An extinguisher ID sign’ fixed nearby the Foam Type extinguisher

How does Foam Fire Extinguisher Works?

The mechanical foam fire extinguishers work in two different ways, which are as follows:

             ·     Firstly, they put the fire out by lowering the temperature of the fire as they are mainly water-based and so have the same cooling effect as water extinguishers.

             ·     Secondly, they extinguish the fire by smothering it and sealing in the flammable vapors as the foam type extinguisher contains Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF). The AFFF works to prevent even the fire re-igniting and also allows foam fire extinguishers to put out flammable liquid fires, by creating a barrier between the liquid’s surface and the flames.

Advantages of Foam Type Fire Extinguisher

·         Simple to use

·         Non-toxic and limited collateral damage to most materials

·         Safe if accidentally used on electrical fires

·         Helps to prevent the re-ignition fires due to its cooling effect

·         Light in weight as compared to the equivalent water extinguisher

·         Long spraying time capacity

·         Benefits in extinguishing live equipment (up to 1000V)

·         Easier to clean up than powder type

·         Beneficial (not as conductive as water) not to create any damage if sprayed on electrical equipment