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Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector 9 Volt - Fire Alarm Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector 9 Volt - Fire Alarm

Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector 9 Volt - Fire Alarm

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What is the fire alarm? A fire alarm is a useful device used in house, office, hospitals, schools, and several other places to detect fire. A fire alarm detector consists of numerous equipment that are used to detect any kind of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. It uses to warn people about the fire through an audio-visual warning when any smoke or heat occurs in that particular area.

Fire alarm or smoke alarm is one of the best fire-detection device, operated with different functions such as automatic, semi-automatic, or manual. It is advisable to fix the fire alarm circuit in varied applications, such as residential buildings, market places, homes, offices, industrial installations, commercial structures, transports, and public areas. These are the uses of a fire alarm that people can obtain.

VariEx is one of the trustworthy Fire Alarm manufacturing companies, based in Bangalore, dealing with a comprehensive range of fire alarms and fire safety services. Known as a Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, and Distributor in the industry, VariEx is committed to offering fire-fighting equipment like Fire Alarm. VariEX® Fire Alarm is designed and checked as per International Safety & Quality Standard, which provides fire safety assurance to the end-users. One of the foremost advantages of the VariEx Fire Alarm is a reasonable price, and for this reason, people from different earning categories can purchase it.

Types of Fire Alarm

There are several types of Fire Alarms available in the market. The entire array of a fire alarm is as follows:

Standalone Fire Alarm

The standalone fire alarm is designed with a combination of photoelectric sensor, and wall or ceiling mounted. The standalone fire alarm is a device to detect fire or smoke or heat and perfect to use in small offices, storage spaces, and temporary constructions. It is in demand due to its features such as dustproof & mothproof design, auto-reset after the smoke clears, and low battery warning.

Conventional Fire Alarm

A conventional fire alarm is another type of fire alarm system that warns people about the area of the fire. When it derives to detecting a fire quickly, a conventional fire safety alarm comes into the picture first. It is an early warning smoke detector device that helps in detecting any signs of fire within your premises. However, the conventional type of fire alarm is a system that cannot identify the exact location where the incident has taken place.

Addressable Fire Alarm

An addressable fire alarm is designed to locate a fire exactly at an early stage where it exactly happens. It is a type of bell and useful to tell you about the specific area or exact room of any building and the floor level where the fire happened. The addressable fire safety alarm system is ideal for large amenity areas.

Wireless Fire Alarm

A wireless fire alarm is a hassle-free alarm system that offers maximum flexibility to detect the fire. It can easily install in the individual houses or apartments where limited access exists due to high ceilings but with a slightly higher initial set-up cost. The foremost advantages of wireless fire alarm are a reduction of disruption, cost-saving, and fast & simple installation. Moreover, it helps to save you money on labor and decorating costs.

Working of Fire Alarm on VariEx Brand

Planning and Strategy – Our team is committed to make proper strategy planning before starting manufacturing work.

Design and Installation - Our quality for designing the products and provides installation services for the fire alarm is an important work for VariEx that keeps the company ahead of the crowd.

Testing and Commissioning – Our team of experienced quality inspectors performs a stringent quality test on the completed project as per the NBC Norms before the final consignment deliveries to the market. 

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