Water Type Fire Extinguishers

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  • Water Fire Extinguisher

    Water-type fire extinguishers are used mostly for Class A fire risk caused by various organic materials including fabrics, textiles, coal, wood, cardboard, and paper among others. Water-Fire Extinguishers are the most crucial fire equipment and advisable to use for Offices, Workshops, Homes, Caravans & Flats. These types of extinguishing systems are not used for kitchen fires, fires caused by flammable gas and liquids as well as fires that involve electrical equipment. Water-Fire Extinguishers work by spraying a jet of water at the fire, which extinguishes the flames and the burning materials, preventing the fire from re-igniting.

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    • ·         Excellent suffocation properties
    • ·         Quickly creates a cooling effect
    • ·         Water, when heated, turns into steam and evaporates
    • ·         Cheap to buy and refill
    • ·         Excellent surface penetration, which helps to rapidly reduce the flames
    • ·         Environmentally friendly because plain water and nitrogen poses no threat to the environment or operator
    • ·         Best extinguishing agent for solids

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We Make Sure Fire Safety Products

Here at Variexonline.com, we have experienced fire industry professionals specializing in manufacturing, supplying, and providing installation plus maintenance of a huge range of fire safety equipment. Our entire range of fire safety products include:

        Fire Extinguisher or Fire Cylinder

        Fire Alarm Systems

        Fire blankets

        Fire Extinguisher Ball

        Fire extinguisher stand

        Fire signage

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Fire extinguishers are an essential piece of fire fighting equipment designed to extinguish fires in different emergencies. All our fire extinguishers comply with Indian Safety & Quality Standards. The different types of extinguishers available with us are as follows:

        ABC fire extinguisher

        Dry chemical powder (DCP) fire extinguisher

        Foam fire extinguisher

        Water fire extinguisher

        Type k fire extinguisher

        Carbon dioxide (Co2) fire extinguisher

        Modular fire extinguisher

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